Beauty and weight loss

Have you ever wondered why nowadays everybody is so crazy about weight loss and why there are so many different beauty products? Here is the answer. Today one of the most influential and powerful things in our lives is media. And nowadays media constantly tells us how important it is to be beautiful and slim. It shows us supermodels all the time, it makes fun of celebrities that become fat, it gives us tips how to stay fit and attractive. We are constantly reminded that it is beauty that forms people’s opinion about us.

And the first thing that people will see in you is your body – are you fat or are you skinny. That’s why everybody is so crazy about weight loss these days. We see advertisements of different products and methods for weight loss, we read about different diets, we are shown many methods or exercises that will help us stay fit, etc. Beauty and weight lossThe pressure that is upon people and especially the teenagers is so huge that their desire to be skinny very often turns into something harmful and unhealthy.

Because of all the media pressure we see young girls that devote all their energy and efforts to live up to a certain level of beauty that is considered essential for the approval of their friends. Nobody will want to be with you if you among the type of people that are considered and said to be ugly. Girls change their whole selves in order to be one of “the cool ones”. They will as much exercises for weight loss as media will tell them to, they will buy all the beauty products that are said to be trendy and modern at the time, they will behave in the way they see that people on the media do, they will speak as the celebrities and movie characters, they will wear what is considered fashionable regardless of the fact whether it is comfortable or not.

These processes that are happening at the moment are very frightening. People should not buy the products for weight loss because somebody tells them to, but because they want them themselves. And nobody can say what is considered as beauty and what is not – it is a personal choice that everybody makes for himself.

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